Dear PrlConf Speakers, Attendees and Fellow Travelers,

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that PrlConf 2016 is cancelled, in light of LambdaConf's decision to include an outspoken advocate for slavery as a technical speaker. The program committee feel that we cannot possibly organize a workshop under the umbrella of a conference that values the free expression of racist and fascist views over the physical and emotional safety of its attendees and speakers. Our first priority is to act in solidarity with the many people who have been negatively affected by this decision.

We will continue searching for a resolution to this problem, but under the current circumstances, we cannot proceed any further with PrlConf.

Finally, we ask that you treat each person involved in this struggle with respect and empathy, no matter their position; we are taking a stand against an idea, not any one person.

In Solidarity,
Jon Sterling
Program Chair, PrlConf